My Plant of the Month

Viburnum x bodnantense 'Dawn'

Like many gardeners, I am passionate about plants and have many, many favourites.  Here at Turn End we have many interesting plants but at this time of year one in particular shines out.

My favourite plant here at Turn End garden is currently Viburnum x bonantense ‘Dawn’. It is a large deciduous shrub which has much to offer throughout the year. It is strong growing and upright shrub that with age begins to arch outwards gracefully. The leaves are not too big and take on interesting warm tints. But the shrub is most spectacular from autumn through to spring when it puts on a show of clusters of tiny trumpet shaped flowers, which fade from pink to white. Here the shrub is set against a yew, and the flowers shine out like little stars against the dark background.

But most glorious of all is the scent – a clear, sweet floral smell that is particularly lovely on a mild sunny day or at dusk.

This Viburnum is a terrific, low maintenance, very hardy and adaptable plant. It grows in most  in most soils, ideally slightly moist but well drained, in sun or part shade. I’d thoroughly recommend buying one for your own garden.


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