Houses: Created by Peter Aldington – a new book out this month

houses-created-by-peter-aldington book cover

Peter Aldington is one of the most influential designers of post-war houses in Britain and this book is a collection of all the houses that he ‘created’, either individually or with his two partners John Craig and Paul Collinge. There were many more unbuilt, and a selection of these are also included as well as a number of alterations and additions.  Many of the articles in the book have been reproduced unedited, so they are a record of the architectural opinion of the time. The book is not just a unique record of the Practice’s houses, but is, in itself, a work created by Peter Aldington, who made the selections from the Aldington, Craig and Collinge archive and has beautifully designed and laid the book to page.

At the time of publication, news came through that Ketelfield had been Grade II listed by Historic England, so every house that Aldington designed in his illustrious career is now listed, more than any other architect in the UK. This is surely a fitting testimony to his contribution to domestic architecture in the late 20th century in Britain.

The gloriously illustrated book will be published by the Royal Institute of British Architects later this month.

Featured Review by Isabel Allen:

‘ Aldington’s skill lies in a masterful control not just of space but of time, the film-director’s ability to engage and seduce; to set the pace at which the tale unfolds …. Aldington’s houses are an essay in economy. Materials are no-nonsense and low cost. Detailing is straightforward. Structure is exposed. And whilst the houses vary in both budget and size, they are united by an essential simplicity; an understanding that human needs are pretty simple – wash, cook, eat, work, rest and play …… Aldington’s houses stand as a reminder that successful homes are not delivered and sold, but designed and cherished. They are not objects on a conveyor belt, but an intrinsic part of the landscape; not just an enclosure but a means of mediating and celebrating the natural world. ‘

Houses: Created by Peter Aldington

  • Format: Book
  • Pages: 272
  • Publisher: RIBA Publishing
  • Date Published: Apr 2016
  • Stock Code: 87295
  • ISBN: 9781859467008
  • Binding: Hardback

Buy your copy from RIBA Bookshop:

Houses by Peter Aldington promotional leaflet


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